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Our Story

Connecting people with local flavors


June 2020 - Well, I wonder when we will see our culinary kids again! The uncertainty of when our students would be returning to Edible Education, Richmond restaurants closings, great commercial real estate prices and an enticing offer to take over the vacant pizza place next door - I took it.


The original 21 Spoons concept was to expand the already successful commissary kitchen space and offer the restaurant as a pop up space for all the shuttered restaurants- but after the marble bar top was installed, the art, lighting and furniture from various antique auctions and thrift markets put in place, it was decided to open a restaurant ourselves.


“Hey Bill, want to cook at a restaurant on Fridays and Saturdays?” Chef Bill Erlenbach had been teaching culinary classes remotely from the Edible Edu side and came on board right away. His original menu was eclectic and delicious!


What did we want the space to be?  No table time limits, no QR codes, no expensive large plates of food that just get taken home to take space in the back of your refrigerator.  Coming out of Covid, we want you to relax, rejoin friends and family, and enjoy a small, thoughtfully curated menu supporting as many local farmers, bakers and food producers as possible. 


Having been raised with 5 star service standards in Northern Virginia, the atmosphere up front would be to honor the food and dining experience with the same passion we hold about the food. Although white linens weren’t my first love, they do set a tone.  What do we love?  Knowing your name, fresh flowers, opening the door for you, house made charcuterie boards from Virginia trees, flatware from 3 grandmothers, and making your birthdays and anniversaries just a little more beautiful.


Labeling the dishes is also a priority - I am gluten free and since we make our own sauces, dressings, and well, food, it is easy to design a GF menu.  And desserts?  Everywhere I dine, the only GF dessert offering is creme brulee - so don’t look for that on our menu - argh!  The quinoa chocolate cake went through months of getting it perfect - just saying, research is pretty tasty.


Finally, it was originally decided to only open on Fridays + Saturdays - let's keep this a party each night!  But we officially turned into The Edible Education Group, created a dedicated 21 Spoons team, and now have multiple opportunities to spread out the fun throughout the month - and you have joined us wholeheartedly and we are crazy grateful!


Thank you for choosing 21 Spoons - we truly cannot wait to see you!


Annie - CEO, Curator of Experience, owner



- We have a $40 corkage fee for wine brought from home.

- We have a $10 cakeage fee for outside desserts brought in.

- For parties larger than 6, please call to book.

- For parties larger than 7, an automatic 20% gratuity will be added to the bill.

- We will hold your table for 15 minutes past your reservation time.

- All bar seats are first come, first served.

- We are a small restaurant and ask that if you need to cancel your reservation, you do so at least 24 hours in advance.

These policies help our small restaurant run as smoothly as possible. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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